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 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆
11 April 2016 @ 04:16 pm

 proud of being eighter
love EITO as a whole
ichiban in whole JE is Yokoyama You

likes Arashi variety show
appreicate KAT-TUN's music
in awe of EBI's acrobrats

busy feeding MatsuMatsu (Matsukura Kaito X Matsuda Genta)
busy monitoring Jrs' growth

fallen into a black hole named Johnny's Juniors ever since KABUKI came to Singapore in Aug 2015


 doing random translations which i hold interest in
scanning things which and when i like
posting craps as and when i feel like

all goodies, if any, are sharing at TUMBLR.
 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆

scan: via twitter @Kis_My_Ft2_mine

5th round of EITO TALK in Yorimuri Family Newspaper is Yoko x Hina. (this just stirred up my recomen feels and so i need to do a quick translation for my (ex) thursday couple talk just to get gist across)

Hina: it is Eito Talk Time. this is already my 2nd time ...
Yoko: eh! this is my 1st time though !? the (member) rotation is slow. I can talk about ANYTHING!
Hina: the theme (today) is about Male Fashionable Items - "Are you particular towards watches or shoes more?".
Yoko: this (theme) has autumn feel. Which one will you choose?
Hina: I wonder which? is tough. I hardly buy shoes and rarely wear watches. If I have to choose, i guess it will be shoes. When i see others wearing expensive shoes, I will think that this person cares about fashion. Personally I am not that particular (towards fashion), it is probably just a choice between whether to wear or not to wear socks for me.
Yoko: I also do not have any fashionable shoes and I am not that particular towards watches as well.

Hina: But Yokoyama-san wear very nice shoes.
Yoko: Being praised like this, somehow I am very happy (*_*).
Hina: There is alot of people who are particular about watches ne. Though I wear during work, but privately I do not. When I am out with my friends, is usually causal wear. If it is summer, is normally just a plain white tee, bermuda shorts and scandals .
Yoko: I am also not that particular either. Among members, it is probably Yasu who is the fashionabnle one.
Hina: Regarding to Yasu, I am not very sure about the definition of "fashion" (laugh).
Yoko: Sometimes it is japanese, sometimes it is ethnic, it greatly exhibits his personality.
I wore spectacles very often in private. That is purely because I have poor eyesight.
Hina: For me, I wear sunglasses which i owned since very long ago.
Yoko: Will you go out specially just to buy clothes for autumn season?
Hina: Ah~ not necessary. I have sufficient. Is not because I am busy or I have no rest days. But is just because I will not go out on purpose to shop for clothings.
Yoko: is that so? I am the same too.
Hina: When commuting between work, I will sometimes drop by (to shop). However, when buying, I will consider factors such as laundry and tend to favour clothes that are easy to wash and cheap. In the end, I will end up buying 3 for 1000yen tee.
Yoko: I am about the same as you. Usually I will buy the clothes that I wore at shows (Those arranged by stylist) EH! Eito Talk has finished!? Then, see you again!  (laugh).
 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆

in celebration for Kanjani∞ day, sharing my own scans of FC newsletter from No. 1 to 14.
 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆
Had a very busy saturday.
collected sundown, went to Japan Matsuri @ Esplanade & left in 5mins cos of the atrocious queue and heat, head to IRODORI for japanese buffet to satisfy our japanese food urge, went to Kallang for a midnight bowling to burn some calories before we head for the main event - HELLO KITTY CAFE!! (no. i lied. it wasn't our main event. we just decided it out of a spur moment)

the newly opened HELLO KITTY CAFE http://www.hellokittyorchidgarden.com/
* i had not accessed the website or read any blogs. only thing i read was the long queue on the opening day on news site.so things i post here is purely based on my noob experience*
took over the TCC shop front at Terminal 3 arrival hall.
the highly raved cafe was on news headline for its opening and we did not expect ourselves to join in the craze because none of us are Hello Kitty fans (despite i joined 2 years of HELLO KITTY run for fun)

The queue at 12.30am. we sat at 2am.
as usual. 2 pax is jus nice to queue. because they have a row of table just nice for two - by the queue.
so chances of you and your partner/ friend being able to jump queue is fairly high.
however the row of table is jus by the queue. hope you have high endurances towards stareS if you sit there.

the entrance

the decor around the cafe.

in case anyone has the same query as my friend who asked "WHERE ARE THE ORCHIDS!?"

the only Hello Kitty "mascot" which you can take photos with.
my friend was totally "TAT ONE ONLY!?" yeah~ JUS TIS ONE ONLY
this is not moomin cafe in japan where they have many mascot to accompany you to eat. LOL if so, i probably have to queue 6hrs already.

there are seats with white ceramic tables. some are against sofa seats while some with the wooden seats that comes a hello kitty ribbon back rest as seen below.

i guess we got a "garden" seat. below our transparent glass table. there is "plantation"

as of now, it is still very much a pretty sight to look at.
but it probably hinders anyone who want to flirt below the table because you unfortunately cannot stretch across the table.

Hidden Standees among the greens

so basically they do have A MIDNIGHT MENU. *TA~DA!*
aka i shld find one fine day when i am very free and have the mood to queue for normal menu?

we ordered the HOLA NACHOS (because it was very popular items which we monitored during the queue *eh hem* yes~ the couple seats by the queue)
and the BIG BREAKFAST SURPRISE (which is waffles)
i told my friend "'let's order the big breakfast surprise"
friend "which one"
me" the waffles one"
*waiter come*
friend ask me "which one again"
me"big breakfast surprise"
friend "which one"
me" the waffles!"


the NACHOS really is good.
is not thick like usual nachos.
this is of jus nice thickness and crispy. abit like FRIED WANTON SKIN
tops with cherry tomato, olive slices, and PARMESAN CHEESE!!

SO CUTE!! the nacho imprinted with HELLO KITTY.
the rest of the nachos. NO HELLO KITTY.
i mus praise the parmesan cheese dip.
how many times did we felt agonized that the food is so NIAO with the cheese sauce,
Pour all you want! as long as your friend dun kill you for hogging the cheese dip.

the waffle in hello kitty shape vs waffle topped with SMOKE DUCK + SCRAMBLED EGG + SAUTEED MUSHROOMS
(spare me with the difference of hotcakes, pancakes and waffles)
in simplified terms
the hello kitty waffle was a hard kind, crisp outer with fluffly inner
while the square waffle IS ALL SOFT and fluffy. (like Mcdonald's hotcakes. Get it?) it definately goes well with all the salted toppings.

The CAPPUCCINO comes a latte art. (FYI, the latte art is free in case anyone wonders)

this is T3 coffee blend.

the coffee comes with HELLO KITTY SHAPED shortbread with a cute coaster. *Yummy!! i am a sucker for butter cookies*

the dessert counter.

some of the cakes has hello kitty characteristics.

gelato and soft serve frozen yogurt.

no hello kitty shaped yogurt but there is hello kitty print paper cup i guess.

meanwhile I wan to mention something that is worth to try the next trip.
happen to have a glimpse of the drinks preparation.
usually tea drinks are made from ready made tea bags.
however I saw that the tea filling here was packed into mash tea bags manually and prepared fresh for each order.
being a sucker for flower/ fruit tea, i will wan to be back to verify this. afterall, at 3am~ my brain is near dead after all the makan.

QUEUE AT 3am on Saturday night.
if you are having isomia and/or feeling energetic in e middle of night. no harm to come and join the queue.
afterall. singaporeans in general LOVE TO QUEUE.
(P.S: to be honest. we singaporean are not the only one who love to queue in the world. REALLY.)
 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆
28 July 2015 @ 03:50 pm
Under bobo's STRONG and HIGHLY RECOMMENDATION, we had a saturday rendezvous at Brothers Ramen (sound so kinky suddenly. but her husband is there. so nothing of such. tis is a healthy post)

the logo reminds me of the chinese chess wordings.
strong ZEN feel.

there is a noodle room at the corner.
bobo said they made the noodles dough freshly every morning.
(i trust she has no shares in this resturant. but she is very supportive of the resturant that she told me she came weekly!)

Ramen from our heart.
So sweet. the lighting contrasted a HEART SHAPE. nice.
the good thing abt dining at CBD area on a weekend is BO LANG.
As per bobo's, she booked the whole place specially for me *SO SWEET* (let's just believe her)

Please ah~ dun go and ask for menu.
the menu is on the wall.

Self-service koisk at the entrance.
what is so cool is that this machines can accept both cash and credit card.
Look! tat is bobo's hand. tat says this is touch screen machine.

if u cannot read, there is illustration beside the machine.
and if u still cannot read. dun worry, there is photos of the ramen on the machine. jus find one that matches the one on e menu.
anyway this is a ramen speciality resturant. it serves ramen and gyoza.
(please dun come here to find rice).

I ordered the SPECIAL SET! is called SUPERMEN. *cheeky name i like*
so it had everything in this ramen alrdy with one more option of additional toppings. and so i choose the egg. thus i have two eggs!
if you are the kind like me, who will go Ichiran and choose the most 濃厚 soup and soft noodles.. i mus say this will be to your liking.
another highlight is the char siew that is so pinkish looking.
is not the braised char siew that we always eat. this is more to SMOKED HAM.
i like ham and smoked salmon so thus this char siew is to my liking. NOTHING FATTENING AND OILY.
i like the aroma of the char siew. hard to describe.

One impt thing: they provide free top up of noodles!

one hidden ingredient: chilli.
it add taste to the soup. tis hidden chilli is once again introduced by bobo who requested it.
the amazing thing of this chilli, i shall not divulge it here.

i will be back for it again!

FACEBOOK PAGE // http://bro-ramen.com/
Mondays to Saturdays
11:30am to 2:30pm
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Last order at 8pm
Closed on Sundays